Trail work on the connection from the Warming Hut loops to Catalyst has resumed. This is the same trail we worked on last summer. We are hoping to get it completed before the end of this summer. Meet at the Warming Hut parking lot, up Sinks Canyon, at 5:30pm on Wednesdays. We will ride bikes to the end of the first switchback where we will pick up tools and start work. Bring gloves, water, and sunscreen. Long pants and boots recommended. Bring your beverage of choice and something to through on the grill to enjoy after the work has ended. Hope to see you there!
Here is the draft of the Trails Master Plan for your review.
Thanks to Rio, Lindy, Tony, Matt, Becky, Jeff, and, (those I can’t recall (sorry)) for putting in countless hours on this document.  I think it looks professional especially the maps, (thanks, Tom)  Thanks also to Jess for pushing this snowball down the hill. It has changed much since that first writing but the idea is the same.
This is a a wishlist for the entire area to be submitted to the BLM, USFS, County and City for consideration of planning of off highway bike trails and parks.  It is not meant to be a final document but rather a working document with this version focused on the planning of JBR and Sinks Canyon in the immediate future.
This version will be submitted on the 15th of November.  Comments can be replied to me and there will soon be another chance to give input on the next version.  We will be happy to include you on the committee next go round.