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Lander Cycling is a club that has evolved through the efforts of many local cycling enthusiasts over the years. Back in 2008 we finally began a more formal organization. Lander Cycling represents all forms and types of cyclists- touring, racing, road, MTB, tandems, unis, kids… you name it, everyone is welcome. The main goal of Lander Cycling has always been to work with everyone to help promote cycling in general.


2019-2020 Lander Cycling Officers

President: Aaron Foster (landercycling@gmail.com/president@landercycling.org)

Vice President: Alyssa Wechsler (vicepres@landercycling.org)

Secretary:  Angela Hammer (secretary@landercycling.org)

Treasurer: Adam Keifenheim (treasurer@landercycling.org)

Trails Coordinators: Rio Rose, and Rusty Reynolds, Scott Van Orman (trails@landercycling.org)






Ride Coordinator:  Marco Johnson (rides@landercycling.org)

Outreach Coordinator: Melanie O’Hara

Event Directors:

Fremont Area Road Tour – Gwen Robson (fremontarearoadtour@gmail.com)

Jurassic Classic – Mike Dicken (jurassicclassicfest@gmail.com

Wyo131 – Cancelled for 2020 (wyo131gravel@gmail.com)



Anyone can join Lander Cycling. Membership dues are good for one year from payment date. Join online or download a membership application here: Join the Lander Cycling Club

Monthly meetings are held, generally, every second Tuesday at 7:15 pm at the Cowfish. All meetings are open to the public. For any other general questions stop by Gannett Peak Sports or The Mill Bike Shop, or email an officer.

Lander Cycling Club, PO Box 1433, Lander WY, 82520

Here is a link to our meeting minutes file in google drive.

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