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Anyone know if the canyon has been ridden or hit with the groomers since the snow? ... See MoreSee Less

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Did my standard run at Beaver Creak. Doesn’t seem like anyone is using BC so I pulled the battery on my lights. I should have pulled the controller too but I left it there in case I decide to relight the tree before the season is over. If the trails were groomed yesterday, noboby had skied them in the past two days! Actually, the trails are not bad currently. Web has done his magic on the trails! ... See MoreSee Less

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JBR kicked my butt!

I have a list of possible excuses:

1)I haven’t hike anything like this in the past month!
2) I had the bad flu and my lungs are still not 100%
3) It was icy
4) It was muddy
5) It was crusty snow
6) I am old!
7) My diet is sucking the energy out from me.

but just let me say, “No excuse, Sir!”

Red Ridge is icy, muddy and in spots that don’t get the Sun, crusty snow. Only one other person was dedicated to go as far as I did and he/she was wearing those spring like crampons on his shoes. (I, being stupid, did not even though I have them.)

If Red Ridge is all those things, Dry Well is even worse!

Both Mac and I are suffering tonight.
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Whew! I finished writing my hiking guide, Walt‘s and Mac’s Tracks! I hiked over 900 miles in day hikes this past year! Now begins the fun part: editing!

I drew all the maps using QGIS and the GIS data that I got from USGS: that was a trick in itself! I did not know making maps was so hard!

If anyone knows a good publisher, please let me know! Falcon who I thought would be the preferred source did not respond!
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The canyon, particularly Sage Draw, is icy and truly sketchy in spots this morning with no appreciable new snow. The golf course, however, is riding fast and fun. "Go," as a certain fatbiker tells us, "get ya some." ... See MoreSee Less

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