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Hey guys just wanted to pass on the great compliments from a nice lady riding a horse in the corral on the west side of the bus yesterday. I approached slow and stopped until she saw me and she thanked me and all the other bikers for being so respectful around her and her horse. Keep it up ya'll!

Ps. The bus is tacky and fantastic right now!
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Rattlesnake alert. The Baldwin Creek/ Shoshone lake road area is experiencing high snake numbers. I would be leary of the Bus area as well.
Today a snake tried to bite me. Another succeeded in biting my dog and it was a venomous strike, not a "dry" bite. The snake struck my dog first, then rattled. No warning.
Dustin Campbell reported seeing two rattlers on the pavement at roughly the same time my dog was bitten.
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Generally a good day!

Today, I went out on trail maintenance with the "Groomer Dudes" (They ROCK!) at Beaver Creek. Only Web, Drew and Dave were there besides myself. So we left a few "trippers" to catch all those skiers who don't feel they need to maintain the trails!

We knocked back a lot of limbs! We did Pipe Dream, Outer Pipeline (whatever we didn't do last week, ) Bear Claw, BLM Loop and Upper Omeara.

I learned a lot about how the groomers feel about the trails. I highly recommend that serious Nordic Skiers go out with groomers on the trails: you WILL learn a lot that will be valuable you ski the trails! Every trail has its idiosyncrasies. These will make your skiing much more fun!

My two batteries for my pole saw ran out of juice on Pipe Dream so I was relegated to moving brush off the trails. I can tell you, skiers may have some interesting traps. Sorry, if you there, you might know about these. 😜

We saw some nice deer as we rounded the midpoint of BLM!

The USFS has left us with some interesting situations. They cut a lot of wood in some areas that were acting as wind blocks. We really won't know what the results are until we get the Winter winds in February and March.

All in all, even though it was a tiring day for this old man, I really enjoyed working on the trail and look forward to Winter! LET IT SNOW!
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Today, I attempted the Leg Lake Trail.

This trail is a lot like punishment! All my readers will know I have been to where the Roaring Forks Creek is called "braided" or it has multiple forks. I preferred forks since it is not braided in the sense of Arctic Rivers. This point is approximately two miles from the trailhead at Worthen Reservoir. Up to this point, the trail is demanding but I would not classify it as strenuous.

Leg Lake Trail beyond the forks is very strenuous! The trail is also thin in some places requiring a little route finding. The trail is not on most of the maps of this area. The third mile take you from about 9200 feet to over 10,000. So, this is not the trail for someone out of shape or having breathing problems. Since it is also rocky and there is frequent timber downfall, you need strong ankles and knees. It is not a trail to be taken lightly!

But, I decided to give it a go today.

I did not make it all the way to Leg Lake as I was on a day hike and ran short of time. I got to just below Gap Lake. But even that is very worthwhile. When you start to break out of the forest at 10,100 feet, the view is something else!

On the way up, I saw nobody. I also found considerable bear sign and on one of my losing the trail walked through bear bed about forty feet off the trail! At this time of the day, you rarely will see a bear as it will hear you and smell you long before you get close to it. But, I kept my bear spray handy.

This time of year, the berries are out. If I was living before modern transportation became available, we would be out collecting the various berries for pies and jams! I ate not few blueberries and whorrtle berries on my hike, today! I also came across some berries I did not recognize: you don’t eat these until you know what they are!

Based on the time I had, I ate a late lunch next to the Roaring Fork Creek in the pond just below Gap Lake.

On the way back, a hiker came up on my rear: he had been camping up here for 3 days and hadn’t seen anyone before me. I enjoyed his company for about two miles down to the forks. Then, I needed a short break and we separated as he continued down the trail as he was in a hurry to get back to meet his transportation at the trailhead. He was quite a bit younger than I am so he didn’t need the break.

All in all: a good hike for me although the third mile punished me both up and down!

The 360 is at my lunch site!
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The buss loops received little to no precipitation this morning, go get yah some anyway!! ... See MoreSee Less

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