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Last night out at JBR, Johnny's Draw and all of the Red Ridge trail were dry and super fun. The single track connector from Twin Pipes to Four Corners (the trail junction at the top of Johnny's Draw) has one short muddy spot and one very wet trail-turned-into-a-stream segment (maybe 30 feet). The wet segment is heavily rutted by bikes and folks are taking parallel off-trail routes through the surrounding vegetation. This "widening" of the trail is super-poor trail and trail access stewardship and could risk BLM closing this connector. PLEASE go around on the two track road until this dries out. ... See MoreSee Less

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Brewers is dry to the upper meadow. But if you do go out to hike or bike it, watch out for the uptick in full-face helmeted downhill Mtn bike traffic who would have been unnoticed on Catalyst.
Middle Fork trail- same issue. You, your horses, and the whole family will be seeing way more downhill bike traffic on Falls trail--because "safer."
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Johnny is in fabulous shape! ... See MoreSee Less

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